IELTS Writing Evaluation With Sample Answer (Four Tasks)

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If you want to send more than one task, please put them in separate files (4 files max) and then upload them here. The format of the files must be doc, docx, pdf, or txt. Max file size: 4MB
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  • Corrections of both academic and general training writing samples (task 1 or task 2)
  • Correction of all grammar and vocabulary mistakes
  • Thorough evaluation of task response + cohesion and coherence
  • Written feedback report
  • Suggestions on how you can work on your weaknesses
  • Band score estimate
  • A model answer for each essay, report, or letter evaluated.
  • Reports sent within 48 hours
  • You can send four tasks together, or you can send one and wait for the feedback before you send the next one. If you do the latter, we will explain how you can send the rest of your tasks. 
  • No deadline for sending your tasks, so don’t worry about the time limit.
  • Please watch this video to see how detailed your feedback reports will be.

IELTS Writing Evaluation With Sample Answer (Four Tasks)