IELTS Speaking Evaluation

Live Mock Test

Get to know the test format

Different Parts of the IELTS Speaking test

Part 1: Questions about yourself

In part 1, the examiner will ask questions about your work, studies, habits, likes, dislikes, family, etc. These are familiar topics that are also asked to warm you up for the more challenging parts of the test.

part 2: individual long turn

You will be give an cue card with a topic on, along with a piece of paper and a pencil. You’ll have one minute to prepare and then you should start talking about the topic for one to two minutes non-stop. 

part 3: longer discussion

In part 3, the examiner will use the topic of part 2 to ask further general questions. You should talk about people in general in this part, as the questions won’t be about yourself. The examiner also has more freedom here to ask follow-up questions based on your answer. More details here.

The Importance of proper practice

What is the best way to practice for the test??

In our guide to IELTS speaking preparation, we have discussed this in detail. You will be face-to-face with an examiner, and no artificial intelligence is used in the process. The examiners are trained to spot memorized structures and also prompt you appropriately. The test is about 14 minutes long, and they also need to cover a large body of questions. This is why they might interrupt you from time to time.

Based on the test format, and the way examiners are required to conduct the test, it is important that you familiarize yourself using a mock test that simulates the actual test to a high degree. A good mock test is also one that provides you with detailed feedback and guidance. With these in mind, ESL Fluency has designed a live mock test that includes the following:

Mock Session structure

Our 30-minute session will begin with going through common mistakes and your questions about the test and speaking. We will then start recording the session for the duration of the test. Finally, we will talk about the test and your general performance before we end the session. Within 48 hours after this, you will receive the audio recording of the session along with your detailed written feedback report, which will also include your estimated band score for each of the four criteria.

ESL Fluency's sample test and written feedback report

The following audio file is a recorded session belonging to one of our test takers, and the pictures below show the session’s written feedback report. Note that the test taker’s personal information (name and workplace) has been removed for privacy reasons.

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