Everything you need to improve your writing score

Simple and effective

Throughout this course, you’ll receive practical advice from an expert on how to improve your writing skills and IELTS band score.


experienced IELTS tutor

You’ll work with an experienced Cambridge-certified ESL tutor, so the advice you’ll receive will be tried and true.


Practical and flexible

You’ll dive right into the action from the very beginning. There will also be no fixed schedules to allow you more control over your time.


All IELTS writing task types

You’ll work on at least 20 tasks during this course. You’ll also have the chance to work more on the ones you find the most challenging.

The Course Structure

In this video, I explain how this course works, but here is the summary:

Note: Even though this course is designed for a 30-day period, we can extend it for a few more weeks with no additional costs. However, if you decide to work on another set of 20 tasks, you will need to renew the subscription. Renewals will receive a 20% discount. 

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is designed for those who are willing to work hard to polish their writing skills and improve their IELTS writing score. During the course, you’ll work on many writing tasks and receive a lot of advice and personalized feedback on your work. If you are not at a high intermediate or advanced level, you’ll need to go through a pre-IELTS course before signing up for this writing program.

In such cases, we can add a few more weeks with no additional costs. Contact us and explain your situation to see if we can come up with a personalized solution.

Yes, you can. Even though the course is more focused on the writing module, you can ask any questions about IELTS reading, listening, and speaking.

You will have two options:

Option 1: We choose the tasks to cover all the task types and points you should learn. We will send you the next tasks that you should work on along with the feedback reports you receive.

Option 2: You have full control over the tasks you write, and you choose them yourself. After you receive your feedback reports, you decide on the next tasks. However, we recommend that you consult with your course tutor first so that you cover all task types.

Note: If you want to go with the second option, we strongly recommend that you choose the tasks from Cambridge IELTS books. Not all the tasks you see online are real IELTS questions.

This is a practical course, meaning that you will dive right into the action from the very beginning. The feedback reports are so detailed that you’ll feel no need to have a conventional face-to-face class, but you’re more than welcome to ask any questions on Zoom chat throughout the entire course. This will also help you to use your time much more efficiently.

In short, you’ll learn from your mistakes and receive personalized advice on how to improve your skills.

Your essays, reports, or letters will be thoroughly evaluated within 16 to 36 hours.

No, each student will have a separate channel with an expert so that they feel comfortable sharing their questions and problems.

This course will definitely put you on the right path. You’ll get to practice so many tasks during the course and get detailed feedback and advice from an IELTS tutor. Many students with high language proficiency levels find 30 days enough to achieve their goals; however, students at lower levels may need more time to get there. 

In other words, if there is a significant gap between your current level and your target score, you’ll need more time to prepare.

If you don’t have any idea about your current band score, send a task here to get a detailed evaluation of your writing level.

Such questions are out of the focus of this website. We only have information about the exam and language skills.

Sure, we can work faster if you don’t have much time, but you’ll need to allocate more time and work even harder. 

For more information on how we can do this, contact us using the chat bubble or the contact form here.

Our IELTS Writing Evaluation Sample

The following video shows how thoroughly we evaluate your writing tasks. You will receive this kind of feedback on each of your tasks and can also ask as many questions as you want on Zoom to improve your writing skills. We will score your tasks based on the four marking criteria and write a detailed report about your performance in the files you’ll receive.

The feedback report will include the same level of details as you see and hear in the video.