IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample: Buying food or cooking?

IELTS writing sample buying food or cooking-min

Nowadays, more people would rather purchase food than cook at home. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of this trend? Give ideas about which is the better way according to you and why?

People, these days, tend to opt for ready-made food over cooking their own meals at home. Despite its merits, consuming industrially-made food brings about some issues, making such meals unsuitable for many people. I, therefore, believe that buying meals is not a wise choice and that people should make time to cook at home.

On the one hand, some might find two main advantages to purchasing food. First, this is the option that some people take in order to avoid the inconveniences of cooking meals at home. For instance, shopping for the ingredients, cooking the actual meal, and doing the dishes are the three time-consuming tasks that can easily be avoided if one decides to buy their meal. Second, all family members, each with a different taste, can order the foods they desire without putting one person in charge of all the cooking responsibilities. Hence, ordering food is considered by some to be a labor-saving option.

On the other hand, I firmly believe that regular consumption of restaurant foods may cause some health-related and financial problems. Simply put, these foods are made with a lot of questionable additives and preservatives that may cause allergic reactions or even food poisoning. Moreover, such foods come with hidden costs, namely the cost of cooking and the packaging, but home-cooked meals do not have any of these disadvantages; therefore, I believe that people should allocate some time in their daily schedules to the preparation of their own meals.

In conclusion, ordering food may seem to be the optimal choice for someone with a hectic lifestyle or a family with choosy eaters, but the disadvantages are too significant to ignore. Hence, home-cooked meals seem healthier and economical.

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