IELTS Academic Writing Maps Sample: Grange Park

IELTS writing sample map Grange Park

The plans show a public park when it was first opened in 1920 and the same park today. 

Summaries the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where revelant.

The first map illustrates what Grange Park looked like on its inauguration day in 1920, and the second one shows its features today.

Overall, the park has undergone substantial redevelopment to provide more entertainment facilities to visitors. While only a few sections have remained unchanged, the addition of recreational facilities, such as an amphitheater, a café, and a play area, has led to the removal or relocations of most items.

Regarding the western and central parts, the two sets of seats at the furthest side, the stage for musicians, and the rose garden near Eldon Street have been removed to make room for the amphitheater for concerts. The second rose garden, near Arnold Street, has been left untouched, while the old seats next to it, and the ones across from them, no longer exist. Moreover, the two entrances in the middle sections have also remained unmodified, but the center of the park, which used to have a fountain, is now where visitors see a rose garden surrounded by seats.

As for the area to the right, a café has replaced the third rose garden in the northern border, right next to the entrance. To the east, the pond originally situated in the north-east has been replaced by a playground for children, and instead of the glasshouse and the seats in its vicinity, there is a water feature. Finally, visitors will now find an underground parking accessible from the south-east section.

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